Your Fully-Managed Email Marketing Service 

We help you grow your small business through regular newsletters
and timely promotional emails. 

Sending impactful newsletters and email campaigns takes time. You need to plan them properly, create content that inspires action, and manage delivery to reach the right inboxes. Monitoring and optimising your campaigns to improve open rates and engagement takes even more effort. We take that burden off your shoulders. 

Why MailingMarshal

There is no shortage of email newsletter marketing services and tools. Some are free while others charge a subscription or a one-time fee. But merely buying a software license or subscribing for an online newsletter marketing tool is not going to help you build your business. 

Think about how you read and respond to emails from your vendors: Do you waste your time reading their ads and marketing messages, or do you engage only with relevant, meaningful and timely content that is related to your own business? You probably have a strong mental filter for the promotions of products and services that can actually help your business grow. 

You’re also familiar with the pain of being bombarded with dozens of emails in a short period of time from a vendor, or been curious about the radio silence from a company that you actually like to hear from. So we know that it is not the tools that truly matter: it is how one uses them. Email marketing software constitutes only a fraction of the effort required in making email your strongest marketing channel for lead generation. 

Stunning email newsletters and campaigns to promote your brand 

Split testing the templates and selecting the winner

Real-time reporting to make smarter decisions and improve campaigns

Fully managed and serviced by an expert team

How it Works



Simply request your premium invitation. We only want to know the basic information about your business, and we don’t ask for your credit card.


You will receive an email from us mentioning your wait time (i.e., when you can expect to hear from an account manager to take you through the onboarding process). You can ask any questions you may have by simply replying to this email. We love providing pre-sales support: it helps us understand customers better. 


When we are ready to start working with you, your account manager will send you the invoice for the services you have requested (the monthly retainer and any additional services). You can pay us using a credit card or PayPal and start your journey. 

Email Marketing Campaigns and Newsletters


The MailingMarshal platform uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a seamless experience to you and your clients when they read your emails. We will set you up in our email marketing platform and help you automate your email list imports. We work with over 200 applications, such as CRMs, spreadsheet programmes, invoicing applications and other email services. 


You will only need to provide us with the content for the newsletter. We will take care of everything else, from crafting an elegant template to match your business to setting up delivery and unsubscribe options. 


Once your campaign has been delivered, you can log in to your account and see the results and stats. 


We don’t stop there: every time we send a new campaign, we will experiment by adjusting the template colours, fonts, content length, content style, etc. until we are confident that we have achieved the best settings based on our benchmarks.  


Grow your list to grow your business: How can you reach highly-targeted new contacts and audiences without sending spam or unsolicited emails? We will help you create an auto-scaling funnel and an email marketing content strategy which can reward your existing customers and get them to spread the word on your behalf. 


Our focus is on quality over quantity, which is why we can offer a 100% no-questions-asked 30-days money back guarantee for our new clients. Our approach is to build long-term relationships with our clients, and to be their trusted email marketing strategist who can grow their businesses to new heights.

We don’t charge the typical agency rates (which are often 2–8x of our pricing): we have made MailingMarshal affordable without any loss of the quality of service. Agencies come to us often, asking to resell our services (and probably make a massive profit in the process), but we only deal with entrepreneurs and SMEs directly. Working closely with small businesses and contributing to their growth is our motivation, which is why we have a waiting list before you can come on board with us. 


£ 97 per month

    500 recipients
    1 campaign per month


£ 297 per month

    2000 recipients
    Up to 2 campaigns per month


£ 497 per month*

    10000 recipients
    Up to 4 campaigns per month

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Logo

*Plus Plan comes with a dedicated account manager

As you can see above, our pricing is simple. We don’t ask you to sign long term contracts: you can cancel at any time if you think we are not delivering on our promise. 

Additional Services

  • Newsletter content writing and editing (£27)
  • Split testing two templates and selecting the winner (£47)
  • Custom landing page with auto-responder (£37)


We are a small, self-funded team. We want to grow our operations in a sustainable way, working with clients on achieving their long-term goals. Therefore we have to selectively add clients to our platform, to ensure that we don’t compromise on quality while scaling the business.

We are a remote team: we work from home, so we don’t have the costs of maintaining expensive offices. We are building future leaders by empowering UK undergraduates, offering them part-time work that matches their skill sets, while rewarding them with above-average compensation. This allows us to offer our services at a highly competitive price. 

Yes, that’s what we recommend too. Not only your domain—we want you to have your logo, business address and other details in your emails in order to get the best results from your campaigns. 

No, we don’t. Sending unsolicited emails to such lists only tarnishes your business reputation. Our way is to have a marketing strategy that involves working with your clients to grow your list organically and attract new customers to your business. 

We are a managed email marketing service: we don’t just offer you a tool to send email campaigns, like other services. We bring decades-long expertise in email marketing to guide you in using the tools to build a strong email marketing strategy for your business.

We don’t provide phone support. However, we are available 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM (London time) via live chat and email support, Monday through Friday. 

Regarding payments, we accept PayPal payments and all the major credit cards through our online invoicing solutions provider, Hiveage.  

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